School Age Program

Before After School Options
2012 - 2013 Schedule

Our school age program, “Kids On The Go” received its name from the winning contestant of our children participating in a “name the school” program. They envisioned a program that was cool and exciting to be a part of. We have taken this initial program and built on its successes every year for the last 20+ years. Today, with a lot of student input, we believe it represents both their vision and a parent’s wishes to have their children happy and in a safe environment.

Depending on their age children needs are different. From help on homework to just “hanging out” with their friends, our center strives to make each child feel accepted and happy. It is important to have professionals that understand that this age group is constantly changing, and needs to be encouraged to be “themselves.” Our adult staff guides these young preteens through their ever changing level of maturity. Families work with the staff at the Kids On The Go program to design a list of individual rights and responsibilities.

The Kids On The Go program opens at 6:30 a.m. each morning. At this time your child may come and enjoy a board game, Lego building, games, books, finishing homework, or just relax with friends before starting their day. A morning snack can be brought in from home and eaten at a designated snack table. Our staff will prepare your child for his/her day at public school by helping the children organize their day. Our school has arranged with the New Fairfield bus company to pick up your child at Bright Beginnings in the morning and return them in the afternoon. The bus company will assign the children to a prearranged bus. A staff person will escort the children onto the public school bus upon arrival at our center and meet the bus when they return.

After a day at public school, the children will return to Bright Beginnings. At this time, the children will go to their assigned group area, and hang up their backpacks and other items, take attendance and have a snack. The Kids On The Go program provides a daily variety of snacks. Crackers & cheese and nachos with salsa are some of their favorite. All children are also welcome to bring their favorites foods from home (nut free).

At 4:00 pm a staff person will then assist children with homework. Dictionaries, thesauruses, computers, and resources are available along with an array of needed supplies. Pencils, markers, scissors, rulers, protractors, glue sticks and compasses are just a few. Monthly subscribed magazines and appropriate reading materials provided by the local New Fairfield Library are always on hand for children during this time.

Our program will keep your child actively engaged before and after public school. Parents never will wonder and worry, “where is my child?” or “what is my child doing?” Your children are happy, safe, and love being here until closing time at 6:30p.m. The Kids On The Program will be open during the closure of public school snow days, early or late dismissals, school vacation, conference days, and teacher in-service days. Public school days off are always a blast! Sports at the field, exciting outings and time with friends are part of these days.

We invite you to visit and enjoy in on the fun!

We invite you to visit!

Of course the ultimate test of whether our center is right for you and your child is an in-person visit. Please feel free to schedule an appointment or stop by and we will be happy to show you around.