About Us

Our Mission Statement

New Fairfield Bright Beginnings is committed to the child.

Our mission is to provide a secure, loving learning environment that is intellectually stimulating, developmentally appropriate and culturally diverse. Each child is valued as an individual. They will be guided and given values necessary for success at home and at school. Our focus is on learning, not as an end itself, but as an enjoyable, lifelong process.

Our Philosophy

NF Bright Beginnings was founded on the philosophy that children thrive in a safe, loving and home-like environment. Such an atmosphere helps kids to achieve success, both through emotional/physical development as well as academic development.

Teaching Staff

New Fairfield Bright Beginnings proudly employs a staff of teachers with a variety of degrees (HS minimum) including Child Development Associate, Associates, Bachelors or master’s degrees in education or related fields and exceptional experience with children. Teachers continue ongoing professional training each year. Teachers are assigned to specific age groups based on their interest and experience to ensure the highest quality instruction and care for your child.

We take great pride in our professional staff, their qualifications, credentials and their ability to work together to maintain a safe, nurturing and productive environment for your child. Our staff dedicates themselves to upskilling and improving their knowledge to provide the best possible education and care our children and families. They also invest emotionally, teaching children important life lessons, sharing some of their most significant early milestones and equipping them with life-long skills. Early childhood education is a profession and should be valued; We are not babysitters, we are teachers.