KOTG Curriculum Kids On The Go Curriculum KOTG Scheduled Holidays Example Daily Schedule It’s fun to be a member of “Kids on the Go”, NF Bright Beginnings after school program for children grades K – 6. After school is a great time to relax, have a snack, finish homework, read and be with friends. Because the group is so busy with a variety of activities, we call this program “Kids on the Go”. As your child gets off the bus, he or she will go directly to his or her group room with any personal belongings. Snack and homework time is the first item on the afternoon’s agenda. The time from 4:00 to 4:30 is allotted for students to receive homework help from the group teacher. Our goal is to have homework completed so that your child can get the most out of our planned KOTG activities such as the NF Bright Beginnings newspaper, art activities, computer activities and more!

Kids on the Go Sample Daily Curriculum

A variety of activities are planned on a daily, weekly & monthly basis including… Art & Crafts – Art history of famous artists and architecture, as well an array of art projects, crafts and activities including instructions from professional artists brought in to teach painting, clay, sculpting. Science Projects & Experiments- Many exciting topics and materials received through IBM Science Grant, classroom visits from our own parents who are scientists willing to share their expertise with the children. Topics including concepts of physics, chemistry, and biology. Library & Reading Program- An array of age appropriate library books, designated reading times, trips to the NF town library, participation in Gov’t Reading Challenges and school reading requirements. Music – Karaoke singing, dance lessons by professionals, practicing instruments for children in the band. Theater -acting & drama programs– Skits, plays and variety acts, talent shows and other performances. Physical Fitness, sports , group games & team building –held in-house and at nearby parks and sports facilities Computer Time- Access to NF schools websites, Google Chrome, and games like Scoop Pad & Spelling City.

Sample Curriculum Topics- Including Special Guests

Anti-Bully Presenters through the Women’s Shelter and Police Departments. Health & Fitness Consultants and Instructors – Local fitness and sports instructors as well as our center’s Nutritional Consultants share with the children the importance of living a healthy, balanced life. Career Opportunities and Local Business – Children learn about future career options by meeting and interacting first hand with many community business owners and firefighters, EMT’s, police officers, & town officials.

Community Out Reach Programs

Our program shares the importance of being kind and giving towards others. Through our Sunshine Kids Out Reach Program, children have opportunity to donate their time and talents. Our center is directly involved with the following: Dreams Come True Foundation – Founded in 1984, with one purpose in mind, to grant dreams to seriously, chronically and terminally ill children. Children in our program help with toy drives, activity tables at the Holiday Breakfast at the Amber Room, & making banners and decorations for granting wishes. Local Shelters- Children help organize food and clothing drives, and raise money through bake sales. Community Support- Fire & Police Departments, Sports Teams, Scouts, Senior Center Veterans- Interacting with local veterans, sharing stories and experiences, making thank you cards.

Field Trips & Outings

On days Public School is closed, our program offers many Outings and Field Trips for our children. Trips and outings to Apple Orchards, Ice Skating Rinks, Bowling Alleys, State Parks for picnicking & hiking make for a fun filled day!